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Beginners Yoga Course- 6 week course

Starting Thursday 18th January 2024

Join us at Yoga Dragon for a 6 week beginners Yoga course.
Through this course you will be taught the essentials to begin your Yoga journey, giving you the confidence and inspiration to join other Yoga classes and to develop your self care.
You will learn some key standing and seated postures along with sun salutations and simple inversions. You will be introduced to both Yin and Yang practices, focusing on the importance of the breath and how we can use the breath as a technique to help you meditate and relax too.

This course is designed for those of you brand new to Yoga or those that want to come back to basics and establish strong foundations to grow from.
If you’re ready to explore the wonderful world of Yoga and to feel grounded, yet energised, focused yet relaxed, come and join us on the mat!

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