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A Morning Self Care with Christina

Sunday 22nd May 2022

If you feel like you keep meaning to start a self care routine or simply want to have some dedicated self care time it’s time to take action and join this beautiful self care workshop.

We will begin the morning with an awakening Yoga flow that will help bring lightness and energy through the entire body, simply setting you up for the day in the best way.

After a refreshment break with nourishing goodness we will move onto some self care skincare! Using the beautiful Tropic plant based skincare range, you will be guided through self facial massage entwined with some face fit exercises to benefit from too.

Feeling refreshed and cleansed we will complete our morning with a beautiful and uplifting energy healing movement flow and a self care meditation.

Why? Because self care is essential to a healthier, happier and balanced life!

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Yoga for Runners- 6 week course

Starting Monday 23rd May

We are delighted to bring to you this six week Yoga For runners course, hosted by Rachel Walsh.

Considering the stress that running place on the body, yoga can serve as an essential tool for athletes whether you’re training for a marathon or plodding round your local Park Run.
This 6 week ‘Yoga For Runners’ course is designed to target the areas that runners need to strengthen, lengthen and mobilise the most (hips, quads, hamstrings and calves to name but a few!). This will not only to improve performance but to prevent injury too.

This workshop is open to yogis and runners of all levels.

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Beginners Yoga Course- 6 week course

Starting Wednesday 25th May

Join us at Yoga Dragon for a 6 week beginners Yoga course. Through this course you will be taught the essentials to begin your Yoga journey, giving you the confidence and inspiration to join other Yoga classes and to develop your self care.

You will learns some key standing and seated postures along with sun salutations and simple inversions. We will focus on the importance of breath and use it as a technique to help you meditate and relax too.
This course is designed for those brand new to Yoga or those that want to come back to basics and establish strong foundations to grow from.

If you’re ready to explore the wonderful world of Yoga and to feel grounded, yet energised, focused yet relaxed, come and join us on the mat!

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Live Cello & Gentle Yoga Flow – Sunday 5th June 2022

Yoga Dragon is delighted to bring to you this unique collaboration with Lancaster based cellist & composer Maja Bugge.
Maja is a Norwegian cellist who creates deeply moving and meditative pieces of music and is renowned for her creative talent and sensitivity as both a cellist and composer.

For this special event Maja will create a beautiful soundscape of live cello in which you are invited to engage in either a guided gentle flow of movement or simply to lay back, relax and absorb the sounds and vibrations around you.
Our aim is for you to feel completely relaxed and to enjoy the uniqueness of a lay-down concert ,or the freedom to gently move and flow with the sounds.

There are limited places for this event, so please book now to secure your space.

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For more information about Maja and the music she creates please see more:

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Arm Balancing Basics Workshop – Saturday 11th June 2022

Join Rachel for this incredible workshop where she will be giving you all the tools you need to start lifting your feet off the floor with ease!

You will explore the foundations needed for all arm balances and will have a go at finding flight in some of the balances that are commonly offered in Rachel’s classes such as crows and side crows as well as koundinyasana A and B.

Don’t worry if these names mean nothing to you now- they will by the end of the workshop.

You’re guaranteed to leave the workshop with a new sense of body awareness as well as a big smile on your face.

Open to all levels from beginners to seasoned professionals.

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Friday Night Yoga with a Twist – Friday 17th June 2022

I don’t know about you but Friday nights ‘out’ just don’t cut it for me anymore.
However being on a yoga mat, with like minded people with a drink of choice in hand sounds like a great plan!

Grab a favourite drink of your choice and flow through a guided Yoga flow with me in a beautiful space with some Ibiza beats to groove along to!

As we all have our own preferences, bring your own choice of drink in a bottle and we will pop it in a glass for you. Mocktails, Cocktails, Orange juice, G&T, Wine or Water are all welcome!

Yoga with a twists is all about sharing a unique experience and having fun together – it’s honestly great fun and will have you smiling!

A Friday night like you’ve not experienced before.

See you on the mat!

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Assisted Yin – Last Sunday of every month

Assisted Yin is a strongly supported therapeutic experience which brings the body and mind in to equilibrium and harmony. Yin Yoga is a subtle and yet profound practice where you focus on the deep inter connective tissues of the body.

In this special two hour class you will be guided through a deeply nourishing sequence of Yin poses. The poses are held between 3 to 5 minutes. Within this time massage therapist Anna will work her Myo fascial massage magic on you, enabling and gently assisting you to find a deeper physical release within the pose.

The session will end with a beautiful guided meditation ensuring you leave feeling completely relaxed and replenished.

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